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  • Scope of this Notice.

Please read this Privacy Notice (further "Notice") carefully to understand the policies and practices regarding the handling of Your Personal Data. This Notice applies to individuals (further "You") who interact with M H P SE and it’s affiliates while using the Website This Notice explains how Your Personal Data is collected, used and distributed by M H P SE and it’s affiliates (further "MHP") also this Notice informs You how You can access or update Your Personal Data. This Notice covers MHP's activities to collect Personal Data both online and offline, in particular through MHP's websites, social networks, and in establishing business relationships with You. Please note that MHP may collect Personal Data from various sources (website, face-to-face events) and on various devices. If the Personal Data provided by You is insufficient (MHP will notify You about such cases), MHP may not be able to provide You with goods and/or services and establish a business relationship with You. This Notice may change from time to time. The right to change this Notice remains with MHP.

  • Personal Data sources.

This Notice relates to Personal Data that MHP collects from or about You using the methods described below, from the following sources:

Websites. MHP's websites (further "Websites"). Email, text and other messages. E-mail processing between You and MHP.

Registration forms. Printed, digital or other similar registration forms that MHP collects through, for example, mail, promotions in stores, contests and other promotional activities, events or during a compliance check. 

Promotional activities. Processing MHP ads (for example, if You interact in any way with one of the MHP ads on a third-party website, MHP may receive information about such interaction). 

Data from other sources. Third-party social networks (such as Facebook, Google), marketing research (if not provided anonymously), third-party data aggregators, public sources, and data obtained from the acquisition of other companies.

  • Personal Data that MHP collects about You and ways of collection.

Depending on Your way of interaction with MHP (online, offline, phone, etc.), MHP may collect, in particular, the following types of information: 

Personal contact information. This subparagraph includes any information You provide to MHP that allows You to be contacted, such as Your name, mail address, email address, social network information, or phone number. 

Account login information. Any information needed to grant access to Your profile. For example, login/email address, nickname, password in encrypted form and/or secret question and answer. 

Demographic information and interests. Any information that describes Your demographic or behavioural characteristics. For example, date of birth, age or age range, gender, geographical location (like post code/mailbox), favourite products, hobbies and interests, and information about the household or lifestyle.

Information from a computer/mobile device. Any information about a computer system or other technological device that You use to access one of our websites, such as an Internet Protocol (IP) address that is used to connect Your computer or device to the Internet, such as operating system and the type or version of the web browser.

Market research and consumer feedbacks. Any information You voluntarily share with MHP about Your experience using MHP products and services.

Third-party information from social networks. Any information that You publicly disseminate on third-party social networks or information that is part of Your profile on an independent social network (such as Facebook) and for which You authorize the distribution of such a social network. For example, Your basic account information (name, email address, gender, birthday, city of residence, profile picture, user ID, friends list, etc.) and any other additional information or activity that may be shared by such social network You authorize. 

Confidential Personal Data. This subparagraph may include, but is not limited to, Personal Data that allows You to identify Your racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs; trade union membership; genetic data, biometric data processed exclusively for human identification; health-related data; data on a person's sex life or sexual orientation. MHP does not seek to collect or otherwise process Confidential Personal Data in the ordinary course of our business. 

If for any reason there is a need to process Your Confidential Personal Data, such processing will be possible only with Your prior express consent to such processing, which is voluntary. If MHP processes Your confidential Personal Data for other purposes, such processing will only be possible on the following legal grounds: (i) crime detection and prevention (including fraud prevention); and (ii) compliance with applicable law. Other information provided by You during our reconciliation and legal process.

  • Cookies / similar technologies, log files.

Cookies / Similar technologies. Please read the separate Cookie Notice to learn how You can manage Your cookie settings and detailed information about the cookies that MHP uses and the purposes for which MHP uses them.

Register files. MHP may collect information in the form of log files that record activity on websites and allow You to collect statistics about Your normal web activity. These records are generated automatically and help MHP to correct errors, increase performance and maintain the security of our Websites.

  • Your Personal Data processing.

MHP processes Your Personal Data for various purposes, most of which are listed below:

  • conducting compliance procedures and the process of proper verification of the potential counterparty;
  • fulfilment of MHP's contractual obligations to You;
  • customer service, including answering Your questions;
  • for security reasons, to allow You to visit the MHP premises if necessary;
  • in order to implement employment relations;
  • other general business objectives, such as conducting internal or market research and measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, etc.
  • Personal Data disclosure.

MHP may disclose Your Personal Data to the following third-parties:

Service providers. These are external companies whose services MHP uses to conduct business (for example, to process payments, detect fraud and verify counterparties, maintain a website, external audit, market research, support, advertising, web development, data analysis, accounting, etc.). Service providers and their individual employees have access to and the ability to use Personal Data on behalf of MHP only to perform specific tasks that they were required to perform basing on MHP instructions, and they are required to maintain the confidentiality and security of Your Personal Data.

Credit agencies / credit bureaus. To the extent permitted by applicable law, statistical reporting agencies and credit bureaus are external counterparties that MHP may use to verify Your creditworthiness (particularly for subscription operations) or to collect debt.

Third-party recipients who may receive Personal Data through a merger or acquisition. MHP reserves the right to disclose Your Personal Data to third-parties for reasons that may be of a different legal nature or in the context of a merger or acquisition with other companies.

  • Personal Data saving

MHP takes all reasonable steps to ensure that Your Personal Data is processed during the minimum required period for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Notice. The criteria for determining the period of saving Your Personal Data are:

(a) MHP shall keep copies of Your Personal Data in a form that allows You to be identified only until: (i) While MHP is in constant contact with You (for example, if You are included in the MHP mailing list and have not unsubscribed); (ii) As long as Your Personal Data is necessary for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Notice, and MHP has an appropriate legal basis to do so, 


(b) During: (i) any applicable limitation period (namely any period during which a person may bring an action against MHP), and (ii) an additional 2 months after the expiry of the relevant limitation period (so that MHP has the opportunity to identify the person who may file a statement of claim at the end of the relevant period), 


(c) In addition, in the case of any complaints, lawsuits or claims, MHP will have the opportunity to continue processing Your Personal Data for the additional time necessary to deal with such complaints, lawsuits or claims, and (d) for additional time that may be required by applicable law.

During the periods mentioned in subparagraphs (b) (i) and (b) (ii) above, MHP restricts the processing of Your Personal Data by the storage of such data, except where the data must be reviewed as a result of such complaints, claims or pretensions or in accordance with applicable law.

  • Storage and / or transfer of Your Personal Data

MHP uses appropriate measures (described below) to maintain the confidentiality and security of Your Personal Data. Please note that these measures do not apply to information that You post at Your own discretion, such as on independent social networks.

People who can access Your Personal Data. Your Personal Data will only be processed by those authorized MHP staff or representatives who need such Personal Data, given the specific purposes for which such data was collected (for example, MHP staff responsible for consumer protection will have access to information about You as a consumer).

Measures taken in working conditions. MHP stores Your Personal Data in a working environment that provides adequate security measures to prevent unauthorized access. MHP adheres to reasonable standards for the protection of Personal Data. Transmission of information over the Internet, unfortunately, is not completely secure and, although MHP does it’s best to protect Your Personal Data, MHP cannot guarantee it’s security when transmitting through MHP websites / programs.

Transfer of Your Personal Data The storage and processing of Your Personal Data, as described above, may require Your Personal Data transfer or storage at a destination outside the host country (for example, to the EU). MHP may also transfer Your Personal Data to non-EU countries, including countries with different data protection standards than those applied in the EU or Ukraine. In such a case, MHP ensures that (i) the agreements between MHP and the recipients of Your Personal Data contain provisions that protect Your Personal Data at the same level as in the EU and in Ukraine.

  • Your rights.

Personal Data access. You have the right to access, view and request a physical or electronic copy of the information about You. You also have the right to request information about the source of Your Personal Data.

  • Our Notice Amendments.

If MHP changes the way Your Personal Data is processed, MHP will update this message. MHP reserves the right to make changes to MHP's Personal Data processing practices and to this Notice at any time. Please check this Website from time to time to see any updates or changes to Our Notice.

  • Data controllers and contact.

To ask questions or leave feedback about this Notice and Our privacy practices or to file a privacy complaint, please write: 03143 Ukraine Kyiv city  158, Ak. Zabolotnogo str.


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